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Kunal Puri

Hi, I am Kunal Puri

Founder of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services

Many companies in and around Houston, Texas, are looking for reputable cleaning services to make a favorable impression on their employees, business partners, and customers. At Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, Kunal Puri has created a name for himself. One of the most well-known janitorial service providers in the area, He provides a wide range of organizations in several sectors with high-quality cleaning services. Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has established itself as a leader in the market by prioritizing the needs of its clients at all times.

He and his family moved to Texas from India in quest of a better life. Despite the fact that he needed a better job to support his family, he never lost sight of the importance of providing excellent customer service. He founded Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services because he realized he had a unique combination of abilities that may benefit people in the local Texas region. When he looked at the cleaning business, he realized there has to be a better way to do it. He rethought the strategy, hired the correct personnel, and promoted his firm based on honesty and openness.

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